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Season Table & Admission Policy

January 13, 2021

Dear Valued Season Table Purchaser,

As we enter our 2021 horseracing season at Fonner Park, we have implemented a 75% seating format for all sections. While social distancing or mask/face covering stipulations have evolved from “required” to “recommended,” we will adhere to mask/face covering and social distancing requirements.

Masks will be required (and not provided) to enter and must be worn when not seated.

In December you were sent a preliminary letter informing you that there would be changes regarding season table seating sales. You were promised a follow-up letter that would describe our changes and what you will need to do to secure any advance sales/reserved seating. This is the follow-up letter.

Fortunately, the majority of you will see zero or little changes in your seating from last year. Some of you with multiple tables have been asked to relinquish a table to allow for those impacted by the changes. I am delighted by those who have demonstrated a willingness to help and I am hopeful the minority who will be affected will have an open mind in understanding the cause of this one-time inconvenience. As a reminder, COVID-19, and the social expectations and responsible community practices, is the cause.

A pattern to determine the elimination of tables was established. Those whose table was not eliminated will retain their table; those whose table was eliminated (because of the 75% capacity limitation) will have options to move to a nearby table. That is the essence of the necessary adaptation. No tables will be eliminated in the lower Clubhouse and Turf Club sections (rows 1 thru 4 from the glass).

If your table is not eliminated (and you’ve paid) take no action; your table awaits you. If your table is eliminated, this letter will include a seating map and we ask that you kindly phone our office (ask for Tracy) to discuss the seating suggestions we have in mind for you. If you are not satisfied with the options that we present, you are welcome to request a refund of any payment you have made.

You however are not welcomed to call and complain to my staff. A refund is fair and shall be considered sufficient compensation for your woes. We have worked tirelessly to provide a good and reasonable solution to this mess. If you have a complaint, please contact me, Chris Kotulak, at 308-382-4515.

Fingers are crossed that any revision of these changes will be for the better. Should we advance to 100% capacity before the end of the season, unsold seating may potentially be available for advanced sales.

To change seating, call between Jan 18 and Jan 21. Seating sales open to the public Jan 28.


Chris Kotulak

Fonner Park CEO