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Fonner is Safer & Fresher


Dear Fonner Park Race Fans, Horsemen and Employees,                                                     February 4, 2021

Despite what State DHMs may be issued, there will be a 75% capacity seating format for all interior sections as we start our 2021 season on February 19th. Fonner Park will adhere to mask/face covering and social distancing requirements until further notice. Masks will be required (but not provided) to enter and must be worn when not seated. You must wear a mask unless you are seated or are drinking/eating. Guests will be asked to kindly keep a proper distance from others when standing in a service line. Many plastic shields have been installed at the mutuel windows, keno writers and concession stands. Please refer to previous posts on fonnerpark.com for an explanation of our seating plan in the: Clubhouse, Turf Club, Skyline, Mezzanine and Concourse sections.

Jerry’s Sheetmetal Heating & Air has provided steep discounts on four 15-ton RTUs and a Venmar Fresh Air System. A new GPS Ionization feature has been added to all the HVAC systems in the Clubhouse, Turf Club and Keno/Finish Line Lounge to insure clean healthy air throughout those areas. Guests and employees are now in a much safer interior environment to work, eat and enjoy themselves. Please be sure to extend a grateful and sincere Thank You to Monte Hehnke when you see him.

There will be much publicity should we advance to 100% capacity before the end of the 2021 season; however, until then, this is our plan to contribute to and respect our community of Fonner Park, Grand Island and Central Nebraska.

I am hopeful that most will have an open mind in understanding the cause of this necessary inconvenience.   As a reminder, the COVID-19 pandemic, and our social expectations, regulations and responsible community practices, is the cause.

Please continue to utilize fonnerpark.com for NEWS & UPDATES and HEALTH & SAFETY guidelines.

Thank you,

Chris Kotulak

Fonner Park CEO