Fonner Park welcomes you back for another season of racing. Please be aware that we have made some new rules we expect you to follow in your agreement to stay with us.

Please let us know if you have a preference on a pad or an area you would like to reside during your 2021 rental; however, the pad you had in 2020 is not automatically your pad for 2021.

Any horsemen/camper with a dog who intends to leave the campground while the dog is unattended outside (on a leash or unattended in a fenced area), will be issued a pad located on the east-half of the East campground. If your dog becomes a nuisance due to barking or digging (or any other undesirable behavior) in the campground area, you will be asked to relocate further away from the others. If your dog remains a nuisance and/or you are not cleaning up after your dog, you will be asked to vacate the entire campground.

In addition to the rent you must pay in advance of your arrival/before setup, you are
expected to make a $100 security deposit at the time of arrival. The security deposit will be returned to you in full if you maintain a clean pad during your stay at Fonner Park and clean your pad area upon your departure. All, or a portion (or potentially zero) of the security deposit will be returned to you based on the cleanliness of your rented pad area. No junk shall be left behind, such as: discarded furniture, tires, boxes, trash, etc. Items left behind are considered trash. Violators may incur a full forfeiture of the $100 security deposit and potentially additional fees.

Campers who are issued multiple pads for the purpose of keeping a dog will be located on the east-half of the East campground. Pads are not to be used for inoperable vehicles.

The Fonner Park campground will be utilized for The Nebraskan Livestock Show that will occur at Fonner Park in the month of January 2021. Please be aware that throughout the month of January you may likely have campers alongside you in the campground for some or all of the event which is scheduled for January 8 – 24, 2021.

There is a $15 stall cleaning deposit fee that will be charged for each approved horse on the 2021 stall application. The stall fee payments must be paid in advance of offloading any horses. The stall cleaning fee deposit will be returned for each clean stall upon departure.

No horse is to be turned-out in an outdoor corral without a filled water bucket within
reach. Horses shall not be tied to a hitching post while unattended or for a lengthy
period. No horse shall be ground-tied or hobbled at any time anywhere in the stable area.