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Omni Bet Explanation

Bet The New Omni Bet

Select at least two horses to finish in the top three placings.

At least two horses must be selected. The minimum Omni wager amount is $2.

A two-horse Omni bet has three possible winning combinations:

1st & 2nd  or  1st & 3rd  or  2nd & 3rd

If three selected horses finish in the top three, the payoff is the combined total of all three winning Omni combination payoffs.

The wager will be offered daily on the 7th race.

Example bet: Omni: 2 & 7.  If the race result is: 7-4-2, this bet yields a payoff on the 1st & 3rd placing only.  Because numbers in an Omni bet are automatically boxed, the $2 bet of 2 & 7 covers all placings if both horses finish in the top three.

Example bet: Omni: 2, 4, 7 & 9. With a result of: 7-4-2, the bet pays all three possible winning combinations because three of the wagered horses finished in the top three placings.

$2 Omni Bet Cost: two horses = $2, three-horses = $6, four horses = $12,

five horses = $20, six horses = $30.