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A Campus Filled With Possibilities

The Fonner Park campus is filled with endless opportunities for events, shows, programs, etc.  Learn more about the vast landscape that makes the Fonner Park campus.

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Livestock &
Expo Buildings

With the construction of the Nebraska State Fair facilities at Fonner Park, livestock and agricultural shows have emerged as a strong market for central Nebraska.

To ensure these facilities are marketed in a coordinated, comprehensive fashion, representatives of the Nebraska State Fair, Fonner Park, Chamber of Commerce, and Convention and Visitors Bureau formed the Grand Island Livestock Complex Authority (GILCA) in 2015.

Central Nebraska's
Leading Venue in entertainment.

Centrally located in Nebraska at the heart of the 220 acre Fonner Park Complex, the Heartland Events Center is the hub for much of the activity that takes place at Fonner Park and Grand Island throughout each year

Conference Center

The BOSSELMAN CONFERENCE  CENTER, located within the Heartland Events Center, offers a professional setting for business and educational meetings, training, conferences, wedding receptions and large organizational banquets.  This space may be configured as one large room or up to five separate rooms to accommodate your needs. State-of-the-Art, audio and video equipment, coupled with our professional catering and bar services provide all the amenities necessary to host a successful event.

Fonner Park
RV & Campground

The RV PARK was built in conjunction with the arrival of the Nebraska State Fair in 2010.  During the State Fair, the RV Park is open to vendors and carnival staff. From October through July, the RV Park is available only if the RV owner is participating in an event at Fonner Park and the Heartland Events Center.

Fonner Park
Virtual Tours

Take a virtual walk through the Fonner Park campus through our 360 Virtual Tours and Fonner Park Complex Drone Videos.

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